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COVID-19 Diaries

19/03/2019 I woke up today, confused. It was the day after Gavin Williamson announced that GCSE’s were cancelled and schools were being shut indefinitely. I knew for a fact, that school was going to be in chaos. I was right.  I walked into my form room and everyone was hysterical.  We were all: reminiscing aboutContinue reading “COVID-19 Diaries”

Going.. Going… GONE!

 Glaciers cover 10% of the earths surface and hold 69%of the earths fresh water. They are a vital part of our planet, and without them, the world as we know it would disappear.  The 1st of today’s glaciers formed in Antarctica, around 34 million years ago. They were quite small, but would soon grow, eventually becoming the giant riversContinue reading “Going.. Going… GONE!”

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